Monday, February 15, 2016


   I have a friend.    Met him flying radio controlled planes.    He's a happy kind of guy,  always a smile on his face.  Good for a joke, or friendly story.    He's also a guy who always goes for the top quality item in whatever category has his attention that particular season.    Then it was planes.

   When he wanted a biplane,  he bought the top of the line kit,  the best motor,   best battery, etc.  

   So visiting him the other day,  he was showing me his fishing rods.    Fishing caught his attention last summer, hook, line, and yes, sinker.    He has several for each facet of fishing.    Multiple fly casting rods, of varying weight and length.   Many spin casting rods, each rigged a different way, for a different kind of fishing.     And then,  he handed me a bamboo rod and didn't say anything, just stood there while I looked at it.

    This rod was special.    It was bamboo, but hexagonal in shape.   I lifted it and looked down the tunnel of eye loops down the side of the rod.    It was a perfect shape.   they were absolutely in line.   The rod was coated with a clear surface that had a gripping feel to it, although it was smooth as glass.  The bamboo was stained, and you could see how the strips were arranged to create a longer and larger pattern out of the dark spots in the bamboo.  Strips..     Each segment of the rod was made of straight strips of bamboo, hand cut and fit together so perfectly that the eight sides became one.

   This was not some 3/4 inch thick telescoping bamboo rod like you might be thinking of.    This was about 6 feet in length and about 1/3rd of an inch thick at the handle end.   It tapered to a delicate tip not much larger than the lead of a pencil.   But it was not fragile at all.   Amazing.

    Sometimes quality isn't subtle, it just jumps right out and screams at you.

   My friend is an acquaintance of the guy who makes the rods and was gifted this one.   He explained that it was the low end model,  usually selling for around $1,200.  

   It was a work of art.  The product of a master artisan.   It was beautiful.

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